The kaleidoscope object is created on top of the original objects.
Kaleidoscope you can make many really facinating images to share with others.
Kaleidoscope creates kaleidoscope like images out of any of your pictures.
Change the pen width and color and change the number of slices.
Enjoy beautiful mandala-style ornaments with this Kaleidoscope program.
It is a strikingly beautiful kaleidoscope with high-contrast black
You can not only choose the colors of your kaleidoscope, but choose the conce...
Magic Mirror is a powerful kaleidoscope combined with a screensaver
3-D Kaleidoscope is a 21 special effects slideshow screensaver that includes.
Brings hypnotic, ever-changing, original work of art to your computer.
Transform your digital photos and clip art into kaleidoscopes.
Be mesmerised by an ever-changing kaleidoscope of hypnotic, morphing patterns.
1st digital code, real time, full color, interactive generator for the Palm.
A Kaleidoscope Screensaver that searches the Internet for Pictures
SE-ScreenSavers is a FREE screensaver collection for Windows.
Kaleidoscope 2.1 proceeds to multiple symmetries to obtain beautiful patterns.
Build your own kaleidoscope with one picture. View dynamic kaleidoscope.
SE-ScreenSavers are free 3D animated screensavers for Windows.