Hide File in another File! e.g. hide mp3 in picture etc.
Best way for upload file on the internet with resume capability.
Professional File ToolKit is the toolbox for your file.
Arrange mass files to different subfolders automatically.
Edit the Windows Hosts File.
Najwa A6 Split File, Split File, File Management, Join File, Smart Software.
allow you to find all files with any extension, name or combination.ed2k file
Copy sections of huge files to a new file
File Audit is a FREE tool that monitors changes to directories.
Wizard will help you to create the new file from Windows Explorer.
Directory comparison showing file size /date and attribute differences
File Topper takes a source file, a destination file and a number of lines.
Strip out common junk, strings specified in an accompanying text file
Arrange mass files to different subfolders automatically.
Compress many files into separate zip files.
Search directory for versions of files. Option Extension Specification.
Directory to File Program will allow the user to select a directory and save ...
X-File is a file manager for fast and powerful file managing. Almost all func...