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Timesheet, expense management, time billing, attendance solution.
Time and billing software, expense management, time billing, attendance solution
free tool that calculates
Quickly translate what you are looking at.
Docstoc Sync is a downloadable application that automatically syncs documents.
Scans and saves as textfile the structure of a MS Aaccess 97 database. easy, ...
Easy translate chosen words and phrases from English to Bulgarian.
Is a free downloadable program intended to be used soley for research purposes.
A simple Certification Authority. You can create the certification.
Interactive multi format quiz program with downloadable question sets.
RovoScape DIZPad is a DIZ editor.
This application converts PDF documents to a Powerpoint-Presentation.
Is a downloadable VAT calculator.
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Allows users to send and receive messages with attachments.
Calculate VAT from an amount of money or adding VAT to an amount