Qwik Calendar is a small program that runs in the taskbar tray that will disp...
A free Slideshow screensaver from the Employee of the Month Movie.
Basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar month ahead.
Software To Increase Google Adsense Revenue
Simple calendar utility.
CZ Call Log is a full-featured treo phone call log analyzer.
Inventory control, inbound and outbound.
TodayCalendar displays the current month on the Today Screen of the Pocket PC.
Dirty hack to parse apache logs with PHP.
Free EOD and HIST NSE data downloader. Download NSE bhavcopies and stock data.
allow you to connect using 56K modem and pay only for the time you use
BSE eod and historical data downloader
Full overview of the Month. Look and feel like a real paper organizer
Versatile solution for managing online events.
Celestial Clock connects the Earth and the heaven.
A Tool To Perform Calender Related Functions.
FRSCalendar is a software application that displays an interactive calendar.
Easily create a stylish monthly calendar in Microsoft Excel. Good for any year.