Basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar month ahead.
Qwik Calendar is a small program that runs in the taskbar tray that will disp...
Simple calendar utility.
A free Slideshow screensaver from the Employee of the Month Movie.
Software To Increase Google Adsense Revenue
A Tool To Perform Calender Related Functions.
CZ Call Log is a full-featured treo phone call log analyzer.
Inventory control, inbound and outbound.
The ebook designed to give you information on how to maintain a good health
TodayCalendar displays the current month on the Today Screen of the Pocket PC.
Get stock market information and analyze it to make a prediction
MB Personal Day Number Software is a software which reveals that particular day.
Free EOD and HIST NSE data downloader. Download NSE bhavcopies and stock data.
Remind yourself of anything you want
Month Calendar is a resizable calendar showing a month at a time
Show the data you downloaded/upload today, or in the past week, month, year
Versatile solution for managing online events.