Atlas Data Backup is a file backup software utility.
A collection of maps showing land and sea
Including US County Histories and Place & Date Checking Utility .
Master your IT environment with Atlas Timesheet and Project Manager 7.1
This is a Script for PHP
Is a program targeted at architects and construction engineers
Atlas with detailed information, maps and flags of all countries.
Historical atlas showing the countries of Europe at the end of each cent. 1-2000
Human Anatomy Atlas is an award-winning human anatomy general reference.
These maps are depicting the Earth surface but mostly the European countrieS.
Colour comparison among a multitide of colour systems and deliver RGB/CMYK value
A historical atlas showing the European and Mediterranean countries.
View Allen Mouse Brain Atlas gene expression data in the framework of the ARA.
Set of 100 maps from a German atlas of 1892.
A historical atlas showing the European and Mediterranean countries
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Draw and customize clock faces using CorelDraw 12.
Free software for Moon observation or survey.