Acad Officer - collection of 14 add-ons for AutoCAD, by NYacad
Blocks is a block-oriented graphical programming language.
Create amazing reports, with complex nested filters, without SQL knowledge.
This recipe is yet another combination generator
Multi-windows text editor for programmers with Highlight sintax for, Vertical...
Replaces text blocks in multiple files located in established folder.
Graphical Objects and MFC Sample
SuperLib is a drawing & block library manager.
In this screensaver, you'll see a fading effect with blocks.
Push, match, and remove sets of stones. Clear all stones on the board.
Botnet Protection blocks malicious attempts roughly every .002 seconds.
This is our rendition of a block looking vertical menu.
Help pull together your ideas, notes,research for your complex writing projects
Here's hoping this Easter stacks up to be the best holiday ever!
Easily Visual Block Manager For AutoCAD
Save time on drafting by making changes quickly and easily to AutoCAD.
Get a library of application blocks for common enterprise development challenges
You can dinamically define a method in an instance using the following code.