Folder Lock is a software application designed to protect your private files.
protect your files, folder, disk with your password
Secure your folders using Folder Lock Program.
Folder Hide N Lock can be used to hide, Lock and protect any folder(s).
A program helps to keep privacy by locking your files and folders
Lock any folder on your windows system with a password.
Allows you to lock your folders with 2 simple clicks.
Protect Your Folder and Everything in The Way.
Lets you hide & lock folders through an intuitiveand simple interface.
Encrypt my Folder is a new folder password protected software
Lock Folder Lock File! helps to protect your files from unauthorized access.
Lock your files and folders by high protection
Keep your Personal data into password protected Drive
Encrypt my FolderTM is a new folder password protected software
A windows tool to lock folders, based on and windows shell commands.
An esay to use software to protect your sensitive data
Lock down your system like never before. Have total control over your computer.
Simple program to lock/hide your folder in windows.