This small program capable to record sound from almost any applications.
Serves as simple client for transfering recordings from Windows Phone 7.1.
Now you can easily record your voice or any other sound being played.
iPi Recorder is a utility for recording multi-camera video.
An easy-to-use multitrack recorder, editor and mixer.
oRipa Screen Recorder-record your activities on PC screen into video files
Web Stream Recorder allows you to record Windows Media Video and Audio streams.
Sound recorder that offers professional recording features for MP3s and WMA file
Anytotal Webcam Recorder is a software which able to record smooth video.
Direct to mp3 sound recorder software
record any sound to WAV and MP3 format.
Automatically record both sides of the Skype call in high-quality.
Free WinBook webcam video recording software.
Capture your screen and record audio to produce a flash video (FLV)
Free Toshiba webcam video recording software.
Free ThinkPad webcam video recording software.
Free SONY webcam video recording software.
Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is a recording application.