Many modern viruses uses Autorun feature to spread themselves via flash drives.
A freeware can independently monitor services and directories in the background.
Delivers encrypted password security both at bootup (with Boot Guard Plus) an...
Protect your privacy on the Internet with this utility
monitor a site data and connection time and alert threw mail or phone.
Alert you in case a flash drive is attached.
It will instantly make the process of your application not be killed by taskmgr
C-Guard is compact and simple. Features include Customizable network settings...
Speed up browsing and avoid wasted bandwidth consumption
protect your online privacy and security with ICQ Guard.
Powerful user-friendly program that filters and blocks commercial banners.
i-Guard MailPal cam delete spam before you download your email.
If you do not want the sites you visited to save information on your computer...
Ctrl Alt Del Guard (CAD Guard) is a password-based access control utility
FTP Guard is a client application for remote monitoring of FTP servers.
Gluten Guard is a powerful product search tool connected to a massive Databank.
A new program, to protect your exe files from viruses