Firefox Theme for Windows 7.
Get a Firefox Halloween-themed skin.
This wallpaper is of Firefox Theme.
A Windows XP theme for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird
The OFFICIAL Theme and Toolbar for Universal Music recording artist: NLT
A theme to blend Firefox with the Alienware Invader theme for windows.
A simple and colorful theme for everyone, with a classic style.
Backup all your Firefox profiles to your desktop.
Dark Blue and Gold Theme.
An original icon for your Firefox.
Launch Firefox from the dock...
Open Firefox (Abre Firefox)
Removing the surfing tracks retained by FireFox and Windows.
A simple Widget that launches Firefox when the dock icon is clicked.Note: the...
Mozilla Firefox is a web browser project.
Peak your surfing speed and dig into the internals of the browser
Firefox icon brings a new view over
Backup your Mozilla Firefox profile easily with zebNet Firefox Backup 2012