Access to your Facebook account with this tool.
Add your facebook friends automatically, get free updates forever.
A Facebook API client implemented in Java, originally derived from the official.
StrFind is a small utill to extract string from files.
Facebook Chat is a desktop version of Facebook web chat.
Get Facebook notifications on your desktop.
Send messages to your Facebook friends instantly.
Get Facebook out of the Browser and onto your Desktop!
Log in with your Facebook account and read your News Feed on your desktop.
An app for quick and easy uploading of your photos and videos to Facebook.
Free and simple program for downloading video from Facebook.
Allows to download videos from Facebook in the high quality as fast as possible.
can run your social network marketing efforts completely.
Browse Facebook in a fast and fluid fashion.
Lets you have a touch optimized experience of Facebook on your Windows 8 device
Facebook Chat portable it's the desktop version of the chat from Facebook.
Manage your Facebook from desktop
Enlarge thumbnail Facebook images by hovering over them with your mouse.