Change formulas in one or many MS Excel files.
"Students will be afraid to cheat, when they know you are using Cheat Report"...
Excel Replace Multiple Formulas With Cell Values Software
offer MS Excel Spreadsheets configured with the major formulas with other format
Remove formulas and replace them with the existing value of the cell in one.
An Interactive Graphing Calculator
ExcelRecovery fixes corrupted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.
Let OzGrid show you how to step outside the box!
An Excel tool that enriches the built-in Special Cells dialog.
Cheat Sheet is a small footprint program.
Formulas in Microsoft Word Made Easy!...thanks to this great add-in program.
Recovery for Excel fixes corrupted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (.XLS).
view and convert xls, xlsx and cwk files to a format you can read
Identify, analyze and correct errors in your Excel models in a easy manner.
Excel Accelerator is the collection of addins for Excel.
Utility for quickly and easily finding and replacing text in Excel Workbooks.
Create with a finger click a unique item list.
Model Builder for Excel.