AChat Client is a TCP/IP Client chat application.
Allows administrator to add a client to the selected collections in a simple way
Provide access TSM Client Nodes without giving access to your TSM Servers.
Inetutils is a collection of common network programs.
A client for Atlantis Talker.
Db Api client is a simple Python DB Api v2.0 client.
Server/client chat environment that allows a client to send a message.
ONLY - the only icq client you will ever need.
Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client.
Easy searching and browsing of LDAP servers.
Program for conducting client base of the company.
A HakHouse viewing client based on VB .Net
All-in-one backup solution especially designed for eM Client
App Runner launch or Stop any application on a remote computer.
Memcache-client-stats is an add on to memcache-client.
Chat client NO MFC it is a simple server-client chat program in WINAPI.
The original intent was to make a pretty simple "connect and send" http client
Upload or download files from your web server via the FTP protocol.