Javascript drag and drop is very lightweight javascript drag handler
XShelf enhances drag and drop in MacOS X by "pause" drag and drop operations!
A very simple drag and drop music player.Just drag a music file into the wind...
add into your Access application to provide drag and drop functionality
Drag&DropViewer is simple image viewer
XCross Drag enbles you to copy the Gmail contacts between two Gmail addressbooks
Drag-Drop Form is a Portable Password Manager and Form-Auto-Fill tool.
Portable Password Manager and Form-Filler
A Drag and Drop tutorial
Set icons to Gmail address book by drag and drop from browsers/Explorer/Finder
Drag to MP3 is a very simple and easy media player tools.
Drag and drop the key,to enable a item
Drag File Locker is a simple and secure tool that gives you best protection.
Drag and drop any file or folder to the Widget to move it to a user specified...
Views the contents of most word processors, preadsheets, databases, bitmapped...
Drag-N-Fly is a screen capture software supports three capture modes.
Drag-N-Scale is a simple application that makes scaling and mailing images easy.
Drag .n drop is easy to use... And, with this components, it.s even easier to im