QuickCut Xp is an easy use Application Launcher.
Replacement for Quick Launch with menu support
Quick Launch Menu For Your Task Bar
Customize Your Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch in blink of an eye!
Very simple application launcher (the TaskBar alternative).
Enables special function keys on supported notebook models to be programmed.
Shutdown Windows with just ONE click. Free!
It is a tool to get back the desktop shortcut on the quick launch bar.
True Launch Bar is a replacement for standard Quick Launch.
QuickClick Launcher is an easy to use Application and file Launcher.
Utility for quick run of applications, opening documents, going to folders.
One click access to ALL your favourite apps + 15 smart tools to ease you day!
Open any document or folder with one click! Works better than Quick Launch!
You can quickly and easily restore the Show Desktop icon to your Quick Lanch bar
T-Launch is a program launcher which runs into the tray on the taskbar.
Quick Tray - Finally an easy to use shortcut tool that lives in the system tray!
Quickly Launch Application, Quick application launcher.
3D Dynamic Quick Launch Band for Windows 7 Aero Theme.