Program BAK Icon Manager allows to replace images of system icons.
A WIndows application that can display the details of a SQL Server backup file.
Delete Backup Files older than a certain amount of days
Repair corrupt .bak File with Corrupt SQL Server Backup Database Recovery Tool
Checks for basic recoverability on a SGI.
A compression utility witch allows to compress a single file in a ZIP archive.
A Win32 solution for who would like to type DEL *.BAK /S.
Designed to save the bak skype password at your computer.
Full featured, 32-bit file backup program. Advanced File Backup function whic...
Community Code Zip is a zipping utility for folks who like to share code.
This simple free tool restores full MS SQL server database backups.
Sandpile Applet is a generalization of the sandpile model proposed.
Inspired by the famous uninstaller "Uninstall Manager".
Text Formatter is a program to remove blank lines in the large text files.
Text storing utility. I use it to store links, notes, thoughts and other stuff.
Scan drives, to detect and to delete all these files automatically.
Recovery for SQL Server recovers corrupted MS SQL Server databases (.MDF/.NDF)
Purge removes unwanted garbage files.