Count days, count working days, count weeks, count months, and count years.
Free utility to calculate the number of days or weeks between dates
Grandpa Bob Bates gives us a glimpse of a a one room schoolhouse
Calculates the number of days between any two user selected dates. Uses a gra...
An ovulation calendar will show you the days when you are ovulating.
This program will count down to the date you specify.
Add a specified number of days to multiple dates. Save results as text files.
Find out what all those gifts in the song really cost!
Spreadsheet for calculating number of days required for short-term financing.
Help you find out how many days you've been alive.
The rich paintings in the screensaver look enchanting.
This script calculates Get numberence between two dates.
Biorhythms will help you calculate your biorhythms.
Days Till 2 will count down the time remaining to an event.
A REALbasic Calendar plugin control.
DateDiff is a calendar program that allows you to select two different dates.
This ActiveX control allows the user to build custom schedules.
Calculate number of work days between 2 dates