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Calculate the span between two dates.
DateDiff takes 2 dates as parameters and will output the number of days between
This script calculates Get numberence between two dates.
Includes searchable fields. Supports importing and exporting.
Difference Between Two Dates Software.
These programs can compute Easter.
Supports importing and exporting. Prints entire database or selected records.
Modify file and folder dates from command line
The TAdrockDates class provides around 140 functions that deal with dates. Yo...
helping you to organize and view anniversaries, special dates, birthdays
Help you to remember and be prepared for important events in your life.
The Calendar-Calculator is a calendar which calculates a number of week-days ...
Offers a solution to find the number of days, month and years between many dates
make outputs and reports with Hijri Shamsi dates format.
DayCount is a small easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly calculate ...
BizTime is a software for helping in managing dates and appointments.
An ASP module for creating project Gantt charts on the web