Simple Shopping Cart phpShop is a simple shopping cart that is easy to customize
Customize Folder is an operating system shell extension.
Notifies you few days earlier when someone from your contact list has a birthday
Add your own personal touch to your CD's/DVDs, USB and even your hard drives.
Allows the Notepad++ toolbar to be fully customised by the user.
Allows to customize bigmuscle's Aero Glass implementation for Windows 8.
A smart component that provide customization dialog of any ToolStrip control.
Whoopie is a utility that allows you to customize your Finder menu.
Allows the user to change the default icon associated with any executable file.
Customize Windows becomes a breeze with CustoPack Tools software!
Excel Customize Format and change numbers into phone numbers format with dashes.
Tune your computer settings in a few clicks. If you are a systems administrator.
imgScroller is a nice, small and free image scrolling Java Applet.
Batch publishing panoramic images to full screen Flash panoramas.
CodeAtuo Studio is an IDE for the language Nuva designed by Macrobject Software.
Create CD-based product or services catalogs for distribution to their customers
Customize My Folders is a tool to change Windows Folder Icons and Backgrounds.
allow you to customize Windows Common dialogs in several ways