Copy file contents to clipboard, paste clipboard contents to file!
The best utility for the Copy / Paste Windows!
Copy and paste 10 separate lines and fill out fields with the same text.
Capture everything you cut or copy from other programs.
Swift Paste is a clipboard program. It can store multi-clipboard texts/images.
Best Desktop FileMan can explore your smartphone directly on your PC.
Multiple copy and Paste Software is an easy clipboard tool software.
ClipEx is a clipboard extension software. It give you multiple clipboards.
Enhances Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, storage and full-text search
Multi Clipboard tool with visual clipboards and save functionality.
PlainText helps you remove unwanted text formatting.
PlainPaste is an original utility to paste text without format.
The Tabbed Image Viewer can view multiple images.
ClipWiz is an easy to use clipboard accessory. Copy and paste 10 clipboard items
Clipboard management utility that allows you to collect text, images and others.
Easy way to copy multiple different items: files, texts, images and paste them.
The trouble with Windows clipboard is that you canonly copy once before pasting.
HistoryClip is the best clipboard helper, it can remember everything you copied.