Gather contact information from Web sites, grab email or ICQ info automatically
Atomic Web Spider automatically extracts emails, phones, IM IDs from visited web
Protect your privacy by removing trails left after you browsed the Internet.
Personal information manager,for the 'average' person's needs
Online webform submission service, contact form submitter
Contact software for Windows users.
ASP2DLL converts and optimizes server side VBScript IIS ASP web applications
Visit Source is a useful marketing tool . It analyzes one by one all your ext...
This gadget displays contact information on U.S.
The quickest way to capture leads and contacts in email, web pages and text d...
Manage you contacts in an Internet-enabled environment
MyDog makes it easy to search and find anything on the web.
Copy XML Flash sites, dynamic Flash Photo Gallery, Facebook Flash Template, Web
Web stats from your desktop.
Submit your programs to software web sites
Contact is a web service that implements easy to use address books.
Simplify the creation of Outlook contacts from e-mail signatures.
Address Entry process is automated