A basic color value tool.
Cool Color Picker help you pick color anywhere on the screen.
Pick a color and copy it to the clipboard.
A tool to get the color codes from any area of the screen
Color Viewer can easy view any color's red, green and blue value.
The Color! Color! plug-in to give you the Color and Saturation boost.
Delete Primary Color allows you to delete a color from your image.
Color Clutch can help you solve the Color correction.
ICE Color is specifically designed for Image Enhancement and Color Correction.
Color Cube provides a 3D visualization of all colors in an image
A free color picker tool to pick screen color to RGB and HTML format.
Get the Color, Hex, RGB, and Long value of any pixel on the screen
A Compact Color Picker With A Difference
This application will help you tune and refine the color mixing.
Norrkross Tint is used to adjust the color balance of images.
ColorUtility is a color picker tool.
Color Schemes is a database of color schemes in common use.
AS-Hex Color 1.0 - Mix colors for web pages.