FolderMon is a powerful directory monitoring tool.
Website Change Monitor notify you of any change to Website or specific change.
Web Site Page Change Monitor
The Widget of Change. This mini application provides a continuous feed of fun...
File type/creator changer with extras
Change file properties of a set of files
Change extension of your files when sending them in e-mail.
Change the modification, creation and 'last accessed' dates of files.
PHP Easy Forms script allows you to create forms directly on your website.
This software allows you to easily change the filename date and time stamps!
Icon Change is a simple utility to change the icon images of your folders.
A mini tool to change picture opacity,change pixel opacity.
Changes the MAC address of any network adapter
Excel change case add in
Child Name Change Form
Ms Button Maker - nice tool for create Button fast,simple and easly.
Change IP, Change MAC, Change Proxy