Best Cash Book is a free application which extracts cash-related functions.
A 'Double Entry Account System' designed for small businesses.
Free program to write on the computer the cash and bank transactions. The pro...
Easy Cash Manager is a simple book-keeping program
Sensitivity analysis spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet for calculating number of days required for short-term financing.
This allows you to input lists of categories for use in drop-down menus.
Grocery Savings Spreadsheet Price Book is a free utility that allows you to keep
This is just a simple cash-book.
Walks through a valuation of cash flows under three models- capital cash flows.
Basic Spreadsheet Valuation Model.
Merging and automation.
The ideal tool to manage cash and finance, with [Cash+Deposits-Cards=Net cash]
Address Book with most popular digital Personal Diary Software is in the world.
Shows your income and expenses and determines your money each month.
Keep your balance positive and make the best use of available funds.
Cash Center allows you to submit loan apps to lenders.
Cash Diary is a Pocket PC tool designed to manage your money.