PDF to BMP Converter is able to convert PDF files to BMP formats easily.
Open Icon files, Save to Bmp
It's useful for swapping the colours around in a .bmp file
2D graphics freeware with BMP, EMF, CSV export and CSV import.
Doremisoft Video to BMP Converter is a free video to bmp format photo converter
Offers a solution for inserting 0s into filenames to keep them properly aligned.
Create one ICO from multiple BMP files
Pop-a-BMP-to-ICO is a simple bitmap to icon converter.
This program displays for a few seconds.
BMP Wrap temporarily hides a file inside a valid .BMP shell.
Take any JPG or BMP two facilities, or to smooth the sharpened image
BMP to PDF Software especially designed to convert bmp images into PDF format.
BMP (Bitmap) is very popular nowadays due to the common use of Windows.
Hide files within a BMP
PixRecovery fixes corrupted image files (.BMP, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF)
A free program allows you to encode any file into a bmp image.
Convert BMP files into ASCII art, with different outputs based on settings.
PDF to BMP Converter - CONVERT PDF TO BMP files.