DFW Traffic cycles through approximately 200 traffic cams in the Dallas - For...
Change the name of many files based on the date or time created, accessed.
Change the name of many files based on the first, second, third, etc.
Allows web-based email accounts e.g Hotmail, Yahoo to be accessed by POP3 client
Relatively lightweight PHP based knowledgebase and content management system
This is a simple "ASP Based" hit counter solution and is available.
AstroCam is a C based stepmotor controlsystem including a php-webinterface.
clinicianonline has lots of features:weight based dosages of heparin.
MP3Cattle is a Java based GUI for a database that contains mp3 information.
An add-on for MS Excel 97 that helps you prepareCBT.
Based on GeoSage's state-of-the-art and highly efficient image fusion algorithms
Java swing based Point of Sale software for single instance and distributed envi
Displays 4 Webcams based in Aachen, Germany.3 are from the ITA Aachen and the...
Web-Based FTP Client is a web based ftp application built using, c#.
Based on the Two line elements(TLE) - Input from the user,
Control your territory with a new technology.
SMTP Trap is a spam killer software
A rough search form based on usage with googleboxes and xslt templates.