Identify time hogs and improve your productivity in Visual Studio.
Counter is a monitoring program.
Track your time "visually". Record and play back your day like a movie.
Interesting stats on lifetime habits, money spending
Time tracking tool which requires no human intervention
Time, Money & Activities gives you some interesting statistics.
Measure and evaluate the amount of time spent on particular tasks
pd-TimeStatus is a project clock type program.
A app keeps track of the time spent on working.
measure and evaluate your pace of answering test questions
PSTracker a plug-in for VC++ 6.0 used to collect various statistical information
Pocket Time Card - Time Tracking Software for Windows Mobile
Set time range for the computer to be used
DailyBilling is a time tracker Widget for sorting and accumulating time.
Keep all your car repair bills
VSTime is a utility that tracks events in Visual Studio.
Task Counter is TODO list with time management and time statistics.
With PaymoPlus you can monitor time spent online and on your computer.