Saw is a tiny audio player written in Qt for Windows.
This MP3 player use to play a wide range of audio formats.
Decibel Audio Player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL license) audio player.
ODwak is a simple MP3 player.
An audio player that won't obstruct the desktop windows or crowd the task...
Player MP3 written in JAVA, use the library BasicPlayer 3.0 of javazoom.
The audio player is included in the main CATraxx download.
Simple media player which loops between user-defined endpoints.
Hamster Audio Player is a free and simple audio player.
This is an alternative Audio CD Player.
Karma Player is an audio player written in basic using Microsoft VB 6.0 framwork
Dictation Player is a simple and useful audio player!
n.player is a very powerful audio player.
Tabu Audio Player is a Simple gstreamer audio player.
AC3 Player is a free ac3 audio player.
Video Audio Player can play mp3 wmv mpeg wma wav midi avi asf VCD files.
Utility for copy an audio CD to hard or flash drive.
NMC player is a multipuropse home Media playback software.