This instance method of the Array class will yield an array's members.
Returns an array whose elements are the percentage of each element compared .
This software plot pattern of array antenna software
Adds a handy function that lets you randomly pick n elements from an array.
How to sum all the numbers in an array,
Split an array of elements into a set of smaller arrays of equal size.
Creates a new method on Array called shuffle!
This modifies the Array class to allow for easy summing.
Array creates at least simple animation.
Probably nothing new in this but here is one way of converting an Array .
Will sort an array of hashes by key.
This works fine for integers and letters.
Converts the WAV data to a byte array which is stored as text in a GZIP file.
Useful for when you need to do a find and map specific results.
Remove elements in an array by indexes.
Astro::Catalog module stores generic meta-data about an astronomical catalogue.
Use the PHP Explode() command to create an array from a comma separated.
This is a script for ruby.