Comprehensive Email Archiving Solution for Archiving Outlook Emails.
An email archiving software for archiving emails from Exchange Server.
System of reserve copying. Has multilingual interface. Makes an automatic arc...
Automatic deletion or archiving of files in the badmail directory of SMTP virtua
A PHP5 MySql Document Management System.
Customizable Email Archiving Solution.
Email archiving made easy. Certified Microsoft Gold Partner.
Customizable Email Archiving Solution.
Provides an easy way to retrieve peer-to-peer instant messages.
Intended for data archiving tasks, using compression algorithms (zip, arj, rar)
Bandizip is All-In-One Free Zip Archiver. Freeware: RAR5, 7Z, ZIPX supports
Bandizip is All-In-One Free Zip Archiver.
An easy windows application allowing the archiving and unarchiving of files.
Event log collection, archiving, real-time alerting and reporting.
archiving and cataloging data tool,especially MP3-Files,CD-ROMs or Audio CDs.
ZiNE (Zip & Encrypt) is a powerful WIN32 secure archiving utility software.
Provides a centralized automatic email archiving solution for all email servers.
Make notes and print or send them to other users