displays a blank screen that stays on top of all the other screens.
SafariBlock is a very simple tool via the menu, and necessary for a few sites.
With Ultra Beeper can make all the annoying noise.
Ad-Sweeper can prevents any annoying pop-up ad windows.
Spyware Killer is a Firewall, Spyware Killer and Pop-up blocker!
View images seamlessly on your desktop without anything covering your image!
BlockPop blocks all unsolicited popup windows
Get rid of annoying popup windows without manual intervention
Block unwanted popup and ad window intelligently
Get rid of annoying popup windows and enhance your Web surf experience.
Discreet RSI Break Reminder Software
Scan your PC and let you know If you have any files that are infecting your PC.
Accurate Popup Killer can accurately kill annoying advertising popup windows.
Blocks popups, banners, flash ads, messenger service ads, and detects spyware
Popup Destructor is the simplest easiest and most effective popup blocker.
Popup Eliminator is designed to prevent All types of annoying Popup windows.
stop pop-up ads with free CleanMyPC Popup Blocker when you're surfing the Web.