to octal, hex to text, and binary to text text conversion software Software!
Supreme Text Scrambler is text encryption software that encrypts/decrypts text.
Hasslefree IT Text is a command line tool
Insert text before and/or after existing text in an excel worksheet.
Design your text scroller in a few minutes and instantly see the results
Text recognition software, capture and recognize text anywhere in your computer
The Program Text Replacer is intended for replacing text.
This is a text editor that supports both rich text and plain text.
Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor.
A small tool to encrypt text along with Blue Atom Antivirus
Simple utility program that will help you avoid typing in the same text.
Text to PDF is a flexible and powerful tool which can convert text into PDF
Text wallet is a simple panel for storing and recall to the clipboard
Convert any text from DOS and Unix/Aix Operating systems to RTF.
Text Cleanser is to help you remove redundant characters from a given text.
8TextTools is a package of 8 productivity text tools and commands
Clean up ugly, over-quoted email text with just one click
Be used when you want to generate a text fading effect for your web pages