It is a frontend for simultaneously capturing and recording audio.
Automatically recognises the beginning and ending of calls.
This program will help you record any sounds you like.
A GUI for direct recording and scheduling of tv and radio recordings.
AVI recorder, capturing an image from any window, Podcast Recording Software
Audio Recording Studio is an intelligent recording software that will fit most a
Fox Audio Recording is a professional and powerful audio recording tool.
Recording audio from your computer to hard disk file of MP3,WMA,OGG or WAV.
use audio recorder on the web site, Podcast Recording Software
use audio recorder on the web site
MCRS Multi-channel sound recorder
Record your favorite sounds with this smart sound recorder!
It records audio from computer to hard disk file of MP3 or WAV formats.
oCam is very simple and easy "Screen Recorder" and "Screen Capture".
Sound Snooper records all the sound activity around computer using sound card.
QuickRecord is a compact application for recording and playing sound on PC.
Audio Recorder is a very useful sound recording tool.
an ActiveX control for sound recording and playback.