This is the class library for mail receiving.
Create invoices, process payments, track time worked on projects and more
Network Fax Server manages incoming and outgoing faxes for network users
Receives mail messages by using the POP3 protocol.
Fully automates receiving, processing and replying to incoming e-mail messages.
Show you how a server/client chat application works using Winsock.
InstaComm is a COM DLL programming tool that allows you to instantly connect ...
Turn your PC into an Answering Machine/Voice Mail with Caller ID support !
iTrex is a full featured inventory management system. iTrex is comprised of ...
MailMate is powerful Anti-Spam software to keep you away from the pain of spam.
Small messenger solution for teams inside a LAN using eclipse.
SNetSim is a event-driven simulation software running on Windows based operating
information is available anywhere and anytime - for customers
Comfortable P2P file sharing program in emule
The suitable POS software for bars,stores,restaurants,hotels.
BT Guard is auto turn off tool for your mobile; secures the BT and saves battery
Build your own, integrate, extend existing apps with instant messaging functions
SMS Text Messaging Software & Services for Enterprise