Copy file contents to clipboard, paste clipboard contents to file!
Swift Paste is a clipboard program. It can store multi-clipboard texts/images.
Quickly paste frequently used text fragments and images
Easy-to-use barcode creator. Meet your barcode needs anywhere,anytime.
The Tabbed Image Viewer can view multiple images.
Industrial strength.Barcode Generator.Barcode Maker.Coupon Maker.Easy-to-use.
Paste It is designed to emulate keystrokes from a script file.
Best Desktop FileMan can explore your smartphone directly on your PC.
HistoryClip is the best clipboard helper, it can remember everything you copied.
Capture screens, convert images, add text to images, and more.
SignMyImage allows you to sign your images.
Clean Paste is a simple Windows utility.
Paste the contents of the clipboard to a file.
Paste a resized picture into a selection with optional wrap to the selection.
allows you to paste your email address (and more) to any text input field.
Lets you automate repeated typing with any Windows application.
Press CTRL-V (or a hotkey specified) when you want to paste.
The best utility for the Copy / Paste Windows!