AutoFEM Analysis Lite offers an easy-to-use first step analysis tool to users.
Analyse data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and intuitive manner.
Analyzing neuron pictures tool.
It is an easily-extensible expert system to help users make decisions.
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The Advanced swot assessment Analysis software was designed.
This is a analyze space missions tool.
Perform analysis of flow cytomtery samples automatically.
Perform various analysis methods for business management.
Allow a client complying with the XML for Analysis (XMLA) version 1.1
Stock analysis stock chart stock technical analysis.
Stock Price Analysis, free easy to use web based stock price analysis.
Video swing and motion analysis software for golf and all other sports.
compendium of command line and graphical tools
The finite element analysis software for structural and mechanical engineering.
Create a real estate analysis including income/expenses, loans, and depreciation
At last, quick and accurate handwriting analysis on your PalmPilot.
Create a breakeven analysis for a product in MS Excel.