RXL is a simple to use tool to help you learn and prepare regular expressions.
This is the software for creating regular expression and testing it.
Regexile is a test regular expressions application.
Lets you use powerful regular expressions to rename a set of files.
A simple regular expression validator and tester.
yooMatch brings you the power to search and manipulate text in FileMaker.
Learn, create, understand, test, debug, use and save regular expressions.
This regular expression matches a URL.
A regular expression that matches Python string literals.
Sometimes a web site has just one piece of information you find interesting o...
Eliminate routine code modifications with auto generated regular expressions.
Need to look for the occurence of words in a string or group of words
Create and test regular expressions.
GeoCalcul is a software aimed to calculate volume and area.
Extremely powerful tool to search, replace, format and extract text data.
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To experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions interactively. Freeware
A tool to create and test complex regular expressions.