Use the PHP Explode() command to create an array from a comma separated.
Create comma separated list or comma delimited or any delimited file.
PastePerfect is the best clipboard manager out there built with many features
Align is a general-purpose text filter tool
nView is a simple application utility for viewing, editing, searching,etc...
Java to read, write, align and pack comma, tab and semicolon-separated files.
Use this list management software to easily manage multiple lists.
A powerful and easy-to-use program to analyse your family budget
HTTPA Archive Reader allows you to read files exported from Firebug Net Panel.
An easy and powerful CSV file editor.
uniCSVed for editing your csv files
Powerful utility that keeping your computer looking and sounding fresh.
Create CSV files from text files in any format.
Copy the full path of files with a right click in Windows Explorer.
Top Items On eBay revealed by a smart program disclosing secret eBay web pages
A simple application to manage checklists.
A simple program that takes a text document with entries separated by new lines.
Lotus notes Address Book, Emails, Calendar export to Excel, XML.