AllTimez lets you run as many as 15 real-time analog clocks at the same time.
AL Clocks is a small application
This wallpaper represents the world with sun enlightment.
Display world clocks for 6 different locations at once.
Create your very own personalised clocks with this software.
Clocks for your Web Site
FRS Clocks and Time is a fun and easy to use tool to in learning to tell time.
The screensaver features six small round clocks on the screen.
The screensaver shows time in six different cities, including local time.
creat your very own personalised clocks including Wall Clocks.
This is a set of analog clocks showing
Enjoy this collection of world-famous clocks!
EngNet Clocks - World Time Clock
world clock,analog and digital clocks showing,different world time zones.
This NTP client synchronizes your PC clock with an internet atomic time server.
Animated Girls for your Fantasy Desktop. Fairies, Dragons, Artworks and more
Monitors and logs your computer's clock compared to the TRUE time.
Displays one or more clocks which you can set to different timezones.