A tiny file management tool which will modify date and time stamps of your files
Delete files by date range, delete files by type, delete files by size Windows.
ActiveX control for software developers with time and date picker.
ProDateCal is a Date object much like the JavaScript Date object.
A full-featured date time calculator, get result date or days between dates.
Print or save your file/folder lists.
A freeware tool that calculates the time duration between two given dates.
1st Clock Light enhances the taskbar clock to display time AND date in any fo...
A very simple clock program that simply displays the date and time.
The Date Calculator does date and time calculations and calendar conversions
Date And Time gives you a constant date and time display
Perform date calculations in an easy-to-use and efficient manner
Advanced utility to change file-folder date-time, attributes and rename files.
Extends Date class with a method that return the last Date of a month.
What Date? is a simple, freeware date calculator for Windows.
LSDate is a menu bar status item which copies the current date and time.
The Polyphony Date/Time Utilities Demo illustrates the functionality of the P...
Organizing your daily work with tasks and emails has never been so easy.