D3D is a 3D looking PC Sticky Notes software, send notes across the internet
A simple note taking software for writing important stuff and save them online.
Program creates sticky notes on screen.
Prompt Sticky Notes is perfect for quick reminders on your computer desktop.
post-it notes,sticky notes
iNotes2 is a small program which manages your notes via iNotes.
Add notes directly to e-mails inside Outlook.
Add multimedia notes to Office CHM doc and without any modification to it.
Quick Notes allows you to keep your important notes at your fingertips.
Learn to recognize pitches with singing exercises.
Add multimedia notes to Office Word doc and without any modification to it.
Two Notes is a handy and easy to use desktop sticky notes
Easily add pointers and notes to your pictures, making them more informative.
Place virtual sticky notes right on your computer desktop.
Great little program for users who just want sticky notes with an alarm timer.
Geek Notes is a virtual sticky pad allowing for you to keep your notes.
SyncNotes helps you keep important snippets of information at your fingertips.
JIT-NOT is a professional add-on designed for Lotus Notes Designer.