Backgammon Buddy is for Yahoo's Backgammon game.
Backgammon is the old known boardgame.
Backgammon Pro for Palm OS is a remake to our best selling backgammon game
Share serial port with bidirectional data transfer between multiple applications
Remove Absolute Key Logger files and registry keys from your PC.
Only Absolute CHAOS ensures safety.
Absolute Security" secures the privacy of the files you keep on your PC
Share a real serial port between multiple applications guild war serial number.
It is a very simple tool that allows you to compare any number of lists.
Program allows you to map any serial ports to any other serial ports.
Returns absolute path to the file from which the code was executed.
Allow you to copy and paste serials into the registration box.
Manage those serial keys that come with new software.
Bill SERIAL MONITOR (RS-232 SPY/Sniffer) 3.0a
run audio blogging site and podcasting software, Podcast creator
Change formula references from absolute to relative or relative to absolute.
No physical cable is required (Spy COMM Sniffer monitor and debug)
Serial Link is a shareware software keyboard "wedge" program for Windows.