Argos Monitoring 1.65

Easily record PC activity using this completely invisible monitoring software.
  • License: Shareware $49.00
  • OS: Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT
  • Requirements: No special requirements
  • Publisher: KMiNT21 Software

    • License: Shareware $29.95
    • OS: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
    • Requirements: No special requirements
    • Publisher: foryoursoft

    • License: Shareware $39.95
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Publisher: Argosafe

    Windows Total Control is a Security software developed by SpeedApps Inc. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Windows Total Control:

    Windows Total Control is mainly a security tool for Windows. It can disable all services which might be a security-risk for your computer.
    Windows Total Control also includes privacy features for Internet Explorer, Media Player, and of course: Mozilla Firefox.

    Key Features:

    Protects agains viruses, worms and malicious code by disabling unsecure operating system components.
    Protects against hackers and script-kiddies.
    Pretection agains unknown vunlerabilites .
    Nearly 100 functions to secure Windows XP, Media Player, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
    Full control over Windows Update: only enable and run it on monthly patch-day.
    Integrated trace-deleter erases traces of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Flash Player, the DNS Cache, and some other entries from the registry.
    Belkasoft Forensic Studio Ultimate is a Security software developed by Belkasoft. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Belkasoft Forensic Studio Ultimate:

    EditByBSEditor: Forensic Studio Ultimate extracts more types of digital evidence from suspects\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' hard drives than ever, greatly extending the abilities of Belkasoft Evidence Center Pro by analyzing media files such as pictures and videos. In addition to Web browsing data including favorites, History and cookies, instant messenger communications, chats and office documents, Forensic Studio Ultimate can analyze pictures and videos, detecting files that contain pornography, human faces or scanned documents. Automatic key Frame extraction can be performed on video files, creating a snapshot gallery for a quick glance.

    Hidden and destroyed evidence can be recovered with Data Carving. Forensic Studio Ultimate helps forensic investigators discover digital evidence that was hidden or destroyed by scanning the entire hard drive in low-level access mode. Data Carving allows detecting and extracting deleted files by their characteristic signatures or repeated structures.

    Live RAM Analysis helps investigators recover certain types of digital evidence from computer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s memory dumps, hibernation files and page files. Carving memory dumps allows discovering evidence that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s never been written to the hard drive such as conversations, online chats, social networking activities and other types of communication with disabled or unavailable logs.

    A signature feature of Forensic Studio Ultimate is the ability to work with multimedia files such as pictures and videos. The Ultimate edition of Belkasoft\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s forensic tool can analyze images and video files, detecting pornography or human faces. The tool can create still snapshot galleries out of lengthy videos by extracting key frames, helping forensic specialists to speed up the investigation a great deal. In addition, Forensic Studio Ultimate can discover scanned or photographed documents by detecting the presence of text in the images.

    Forensic specialists, investigators and security officials are welcome to request a free evaluation Copy.
    KidMail is a Security software developed by Trustworthy Communication LLC. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for KidMail:

    No Spam or Porn is the Safe E-Mail Service. Spam is 100% eliminated.
    Managed Trust You decide who can send e-mail directly to your child.
    No Lost E-Mails Messages from unknown senders are not deleted. They are quarantined until you approve or discard them.
    Inexpensive Online Safety is a great value! Annual subscriptions cost less than $ 2.50 per month overall for your entire family.
    Personal Inspector is a Security software developed by KMiNT21 Software. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Personal Inspector:

    EditByBSEditor: Personal inSpector is an Employee Monitoring/Parental Control tool that monitors all computer activity and Internet use. It can automatically track addresses and titles of all visited web pages, record all keystrokes , save contents of Windows clipboard and take screen captures of the desktop and working application windows. All collected data is stored in the secret directory on the local computer and can be accessed anytime from this machine or via the local network. The software is very easy to use, small, fast-running and takes little system resources. It can be used at the office to monitor computer activity of employees and find out if they misuse corporate resources or spend too much time on their personal needs, what applications they are running and which Internet resources they visit . Personal Inspector can also be used as a parental control and surveillance tool to monitor what family members are doing on your computer and tracking their Internet use. Other possible areas of application for this tool are school and university computer labs and Internet cafes, where it can be used for analyzing computer activity of students/visitors and preventing abuse of software licenses and installation of undesired software. If you want to hide the program from the users, you can enable it to load on Windows startup and quietly run in the background. In the stealth mode Personal Inspector does not show up in the Registry and Task MANAGER, it can also be removed from the Programs menu and the Install/Uninstall list. The customizable hot keys enable you to start and stop monitoring, display and hide the program window, view reports based on the collected data or quit the program completely.
    Messenger Detect is a Security software developed by foryoursoft. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Messenger Detect:

    Main features:
    Monitor and record all MSN chat, AOL chat, Yahoo chat, and ICQ chat on your local network automatically.
    Support monitor Facebook chat.
    Support monitor MySpace chat.
    Support monitor ICQ2Go web chat.
    Support monitor AIM ExPress web chat.
    Monitor and record Google Talk web gadget chat on your LAN.
    Monitor and record MSN web messenger chat on your LAN.
    Monitor and record Yahoo web messenger chat on your LAN.
    Run as NT service, automatically starts when Windows starts.

    Support logging MSN contact\'s online status.
    No need to install any client software on the target computers.
    Work secretly undetected by the target computers.
    Easy-to-use interface makes detecting and recording simple.
    Recoding options - you can select which contact you want to record the chat from, and set if you want to log the online status.
    Accessing and setting are all password protected
    Record almost all contents of chats including Instant messages with color and font, emotion icons etc.
    Chats are automatically saved as the same format as you see in the Messengers.
    Search in the chat logs easily and efficiently.
    Edit log directly in Messenger Detect.
    Set your favorite color. 15 color themes provided!
    Export the rich text messages to a RTF file easily.
    Use speech engine to read chat messages for you.
    Date time stamp is added on every recorded message.
    The type of chat are branded in the log as MSN/Yahoo/AOL/ICQ.
    FREE download and FREE to try for 30 days.
    FREE 3 year update.
    FREE 3 year email technical support.
    Argos Monitoring is a Security software developed by Argosafe. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Argos Monitoring:

    EditByBSEditor: Argos Monitoring provides an advanced monitoring solution for recording user activity on a PC. It is specifically designed for stealth, ease of use, as well as intuitive and efficient Playback. Argos Monitoring invisibly and Securely logs computer activity, and provides an advanced viewer for playback and filtering of the recorded data.

    Argos Monitoring provides the following key features: State-of-the-art secure efficient and invisible monitoring, records keyboard, records running programs, records visited websites, screen captures, user friendly control panel, advanced recorded data playback, search and filtering of recorded data, and easy configuration and setup.

    Argos Monitoring provides a state-of-the-art invisible monitoring solution. The program is completely invisible , and the only way to access it using the password you have set. This is in contrast to the majority of other monitoring solutions available, which have a poor level of invisibility, and their presence can be easily detected.

    The main goal we had in mind when developing this software was providing a user friendly intuitive user experience. We spent major efforts in hiding the immense complexity of the program under the hood, so that the configuration of the program is done by merely a few mouse clicks.

    Argos Monitoring includes a substantial number of innovations, thanks to which the program runs invisibly and securely, and manages to efficiently log the computer activity. Most of the advanced features of Argos Monitoring are automatically configured, and as a result there are only a few parameters which you can configure. We Hope this approach provides you with an intuitive usage experience.

    Argos Monitoring's ease of use, in addition to its advanced features, makes it an ideal solution for parental monitoring.

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