3D Developer Studio is a software development kit for building 3D applications.
DynamicSkinForm VCL help you to create applications with skins.
ActiveX control to view/manipulate PDF files.
DLL with geodesic functions for2D and 3D coordinate transformations and more.
Command22 COM objects work with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other.
This is the ActiveX Control for Siemens AG MPI protocol, Support S7-200/300/400.
Add GPS support to your C# or VB.NET application web page.
A File Upload/Download Component,Large File upload ActiveX,BreakPoint upload
A quick and easy way to embed a Mozilla web browser
Fax,graphic,photo,picture,tiff image activex ocx, processing bmp,gif,jpg,png,tif
Cut 2D X is a automation component used for obtaining 2D optimal cutting layouts
XVideoOCX - Easy integration of live video capture into your applications.
Add a modern XP/Themed look and feel to your applications
Convert html to image: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, WMF and EMF!
tiff image activex ,PDF viewer,image viewer, image zoom, merge tiff, split tiff
ActiveX control for exchanging data between VB and MS Excel.
HiTime VBX/OCX is a high resolution timer.